Government Publications

Their goal is to inform citizens (the populations they serve) about the things that governments care about. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Laws, regulations and policies
  • Best practices for safety (food, health, home, industry, road, travel and so on)
  • How to submit information that the government requires
  • Records of government proceedings

Some are written for any adult to understand (usually the ones about best safety practices and procedures for submitting information). Some are not (records of laws, regulations and proceedings).

Their authors are usually a government department or service. The names of the actual individuals who wrote the texts are not given.

They come in different formats: information pamphlets, government website texts, reports, records of laws, and transcripts of court and other parliamentary proceedings are common examples.

Although there are many different types, there are a few typical features of texts written for the average citizen:

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