AEA: English for Science and Tech


You'll find all the content for our course here. Our goal together is to help you gain fluency as you interact with content related to your field of study, whether you are listening and speaking or reading and writing.

This means learning new words and phrases from articles and videos related to what you are studying, and also getting your brain more used to using them. It also means paying attention to relevant verb forms and significantly reducing how many basic mistakes you make, especially when writing.

We'll meet online each week for you to practice speaking with other students using a level and type of language that you likely haven't used before.

We'll do formative evaluations that will help you prepare for our summative evaluations.

Here's our course outline.


  • Classes 1 – 4

    • Guided by the teacher, we learn to use our tools.
    • It includes formative evaluations.
    • Listening Project begins.
  • Classes 5 – 9

    • Midterm Project, led by you
    • Vocabulary, speaking & writing development
    • It ends with summative evaluations.
  • Classes 10 – 15

    • Final Project, led by you
    • Vocabulary, speaking & writing development
    • It culminates in the Integrated Final Evaluation.

What to do each week


Photo credit: "science lab - BRU" by RMTip21 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0