How to Write Standard Notes

If we go from this:

to this:

that’s good.

Being good at taking notes is a useful skill to have both for school and for work.

It helps us listen actively as we decide which information is most important, which facts support which ideas, and how to present this visually.

It makes it easier for us to review information afterwards and to share it with others.

If you’re not familiar with using indentations to write clear notes, watch this video for a quick look at the basic structure of standard notes.

To gain a better sense of how to go about organizing information into note form, watch this video that transforms a standard list into organized notes.

Finally, this video shows how to transform a typical paragraph into note form.

Our note-taking ability improves with practice. If we’re patient and keep working at it, we get faster at writing more effective notes.

With practice, we’ll eventually get to this:

Here are some helpful strategies from The Learning Toolbox at James Madison University for more ways to improve our note-taking.


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